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Amanda Daniels

When she was 17, Amanda created Koogar. Her dream was to have her work on billboards, and to design vinyls.

She got a job in Liverpool University after she finished college. She created Liverpool football club's site, which was her first website for her.

Amanda took her A1 file of physical portfolio to her next job, where she stood out and was remembered, which ensured that she got the job.

She built her way up, creating more websites and companies. Amanda went from being the only girl on a team of 14, to becoming the face of the team.

Amanda taught us that anyone can climb the ladder to success.

"It's not what you know or who you know, it's how well you know them".

Lessons learnt

- Who you hang around with matters

- Go with your gut!

- Don't worry about what others think

- Be yourself, life is too short!

- Try things all the time, take a risk

- Be the best at everything you do!

- Don't settle for something to be okay, make sure it's remarkable

Marketing Strategy - explanation of the goals you need to achieve

Marketing Plan - how you are going to achieve your goals

- Be conversational

- Ask questions

- Tell stories

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