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Final Exhibition - Photography

For my end of year exhibition, I plan to show 8 A3 prints alongside my journal. The reason I am also displaying the journal is because it is written almost like a diary, which makes it part of my art.

The final project has developed from where it was at the degree show stage. I looked more into the idea of placing my subjects in nature, to focus on portraiture. This became something that clicked with me. I wanted to show that despite having a mental illness, you can rise. This is why I also chose the poem "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou to accompany the images. Instead of using type, I wrote parts of the poem, in the same way I had been writing in my book, and then scanned them in and placed them on top of my images.

Each image has a very slightly different tone/colour from the last, and the pallet is inspired by nature. It shows a flow, and will sit nicely on the wall.

I printed C-type, as I wanted a high quality. I will not be using a frame, as I feel the work needs to stand by itself, so I will be using pins to hang it up.

I am very pleased with how the prints have come out and look forward to the exhibition!

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