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Drag Race

Ru Paul’s Drag race is an American reality - competition tv series that was originally aired in 2009, and is continuing currently. The show has been watched by millions all over the world, and has received numerous awards. The reason drag race is loved by many is because there has not been a show like this - a show run by gay men and women, for all audiences, that allows drag queens to express themselves for people’s entertainment. It is no wonder that since drag race, many people who were unsure of their sexuality, or nervous to come out, have been given the confidence they need, and found support on a wider scale. Artistically, the show is very aesthetically pleasing with the runways, as we see themed coutures every week. I feel the show not only inspires me but inspires millions of people to be themselves and to love each other no matter what background or what gender we wish to present ourselves as.

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