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BoJack Horseman

The cartoon series Bojack Horseman is not your average children’s show. In fact, this one is definitely not meant for kids.

This mature show stars an anthropological horse called Bojack Horseman, who (back in the 90s) was in a very famous TV show called “Horsin Around”. The show is set 25 years from then, in modern day. In the show, we get a glimpse at what his life is like now. One might think that because he lives in a large mansion and is rich that he is happy. However, we soon learn that this is not the case. The show very cleverly tackles hard hitting issues in our modern society including depression, anxiety, loss and divorce. It is a very realistic show, and I would say that it is in a cartoon format to portray the issues clearer. Having a cartoon like this be so raw almost contradicts itself, as traditionally as have seen cartoons to be fun and happy and aimed at kids.

I have found myself hooked onto the show. I have watched all 5 seasons that are currently out, and I have concluded that it is one of the most creative, original, relatable shows out there. Some may think that cartoons cannot portray emotion as well as a show with real people. However, if we were to compare this modern show to The Sopranos, a show that took the world by storm and changed cinema and tv forever, we would find similarities. In the Sopranos, it was the first of its kind to have you almost cheer on the “bad” guy. This is like in Bojack Horseman, where you think that because the main character is Bojack, he is the “good” guy, but we realise that he is (similar to Sopranos) neither good nor bad, he is human. That is what makes it an amazing show - he’s just human. Having a show to be able to relate to is so important, especially in a time where mental health issues are very much present.

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