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Denise Courcoux

Denise Courcoux was our guest lecturer today. She studied at Chester from 2002 - 2005 in BA Fine Art and English Literature. After completing a work placement in an art gallery she realised she wanted to pursue a career in that field. Keeping her contacts, she returned later to volunteer at the same gallery and then went on to volunteer at the Tate.

Using Chester's career service, she got her first 'proper' gallery job as an information assistant at Bluecoat. From there, she built herself up - progressing from a Gallery coordinator to an exhibitions officer. Her role included communicating with artists, organising putting shows up and taking them down, as well as being a project manager.

After completing her post-grad studies (MA Art Gallery and Museum studies), Denise took a role at Nantwich museum as the manager. It's a small, independent museum, where here she was responsible for everything.

She then went into a completely different direction and worked for Wired Aerial Theatre, as a company administrator. This is a performing arts company that involve dancing with bunjee ropes. Here she managed accounts, took bookings and gained marketing experience.

Denise currently works at Port Sunlight Museum as an officer, so she is responsible for collections, exhibitions, learning, events and more! She enjoys being part of an independent museum and continues to write blogs.


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